im such a silly potato

wow mahj, wow

i was just drinking milk, cos its my breakfast, while reading other’sblogs cos ive not done that in a while. guess what i do?drop a load of milk on my laptop, and my ugly as hell school uniform. now i gotta change!again!!!

i acc woke up at 5:45 today!!and wasn’t even sleepy, despite going to sleep at 11:30, or maybe later!!what the hell is heppeneing to me?!

o my sit, london weather is sooo grey. and it gets pitch black by the time im walking home, but surprisingly, i find it realy nice walking in the dark. IDK, its soo empty, i just like it!!i get a good 20 minutes of peace!does anyone else love walkign in the dark?


freak bitch

aaarhgghghghg my parents aint letign me even go on my laptop for ages!!soo annoying!its like 7 am nw, and theyr’e asleep, so i went on! Badicall, i woke up at 5:30 am, then got ready for school, made my luch, ate breakfast, now posting!

My mum is such a control freak (my dad too but like). Yesterday, she wouldn’t let me go on the laptop, and was constantly bitching to me for no reason, so i was like “you should go get ur degree in being annoying, cos u would get an A** without even trying”omg, that did it!she ran and tried twisting my hair, but like i sidestepped, so she ended up reaching for the air like an idiot!then i went upsatirs, there, i have my really ancient laptop, its like A5 size, so it’s easy to hide:) only thing, it’s toooooo slow for wordpress!think i killed it:)

how r u guys?

i need to go wake my dad up, cos e usualy take around 20 mins to get up, then need to get out to school!!


p.s im making another blog, ill trabsfer to that one, once i re-get all my followers!


hey guys

, this aint gonna be another sorry post about why im never heer.

im a shit blogger, im sorry

what the hell is la la land?

its a movie thats all i know!

when someone in my class first mentioned it, i was like ‘teletubbies made a new series?dont tell me you watched it’

if you dont know, teletubbiesis an england babies show

i know this is short, but my mums gonna creep into my room any minute!

shes a amonster in disguise!!jk jk but she is !!


greetings earthlings

hey guys,,

i couldnt be online cos i was in saudi and qatar for chrismas, and also the freak squad (aka my parents) made me sit in a way that they can see my computer screen so i couldnt do anything, until yesterday when i lost my incontrollable temper and finally managed to get my way:))))

for the weird society,

do any more name suggestion before i finalise (is that how you even spell finalise cos for some reason it looks wrong to me but i cant think of any other way!) the list?

i have a few challenges and activites ready, ill let them out once a names been finalised, and after twinkels gets some time to do the logo which she kindly offered to do (twinkels-take ur time tho, cos theres honestly no rush:P)

sooooo thats all for nowwww